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#stayinformed May 6: EVOLIO's collection of interesting event marketing news + some other stuff

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

May 6, 2020

While #WFH (working from home), figured I'd share another series of websites and content that's pretty interesting, useful, fun, or just simply a good read. Please share info that you think is interesting. Subscribe to my blog by clicking on "Sign-up" above :-)



The Czarnowski Collective &


Czarnowski is working around the clock to design, engineer and supply temporary structure solutions for communities in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Czarnowski is a founding company in the coalition of 80 partners – representing over 4,000 companies – who have joined forces to support legislative actions that will aid the industry’s recovery from COVID-19. The coalition is bound together by the belief that nothing in the world will ever replace the power and need for trade shows and live events.



8 Event Tactics Used to Produce Create & Cultivate's First Digital Summit

from ADWEEK, by Ian Zelaya

If you're one of the thousands of brands that planned your event schedule way before Covid-19 turned life upside down, you'll relate to the challenges that Create & Cultivate faced. The brand found that if they wanted to continue to engage with their fans, then they needed to make some big changes quickly. Taking place in early May, Create & Cultivate just successfully produced their very first digital summit.


10 Must-Have Virtual Event Technology Tools

by Social Tables

With virtual events becoming the new norm, event teams are needing to become experts in producing exciting online events. Do you know where to start and which tech tools your need to engage your desired audience and keep them tuned in? I came across this really interesting full of insightful recommendations called “10 Must-Have Virtual Event Technology Tools” that helps to sum it up. 



How R You? Check Your Four Rs.

by Asila Calhoun, Calhoun Coaching & Consulting

Just read this awesome blog at Calhoun Coaching & Consulting which covers the "four Rs" on how to deal with this challenging time while we are continuing to adjust to the new way of life, with worlds colliding – work, home, parenting, and educating our children. Coaching has countless benefits, from enhanced productivity and a better work/life balance to improved self-confidence and communication skills.



Want a really good, free home workout? FIND YOUR FIT.

If you're feeling a little weight gain from Covid-19, you need to check one of Instagram's most active fitness experts and a generally awesome person, Liz Van Voorhis.

Take one of her many Instagram Live Social Distance Workouts to get your heart rate up and your ass moving! You'll sweat, you'll laugh, you may even cry, but at the end of her 45-ish minute class, you'll feel amazing! Find her class schedule and follow her on Instagram here...

She's also the founder of FIT Collective, an agency on a mission to make the world a healthier place. Learn more here...


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