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Staff Training for Tradeshows and Events

Stand out from the competition  

Is your staff really focused on the right thing? Are they bringing the energy? Can they answer questions?
Remember, it's your staff that makes the guest experience special.

Want to keep your booth staff motivated throughout the event? The quality and variety of the people you invite to work your exhibit or event, and the effectiveness of training you provide them, are key factors for ultimate success.


EVOLIO's training uses a comprehensive framework that delivers success throughout your entire event marketing program (pre-, during, and post-event).


Proper training encompasses five simple steps:

  1. Strategy including desired outcomes, event goals, objectives, and messaging

  2. Boothmanship including the obvious, and not so obvious, do's and don'ts

  3. Connective-tissue so everyone's on the same page allowing for cross-selling and a cohesiveness not found in many exhibits

  4. Ice-breakers: how to engage, qualify and interact on the show floor, which is different than in the field or on the phone.

  5. Staying motivated and energized. Looking or acting tired is just unacceptable. 



Training is important for... 

  • Team Building

  • Skill Building

  • Motivation

  • Staff Goals

  • Cross-selling
  • Lead Management

  • Message Delivery

  • Scheduling 

  • Professionalism

  • Product/Service Knowledge

Prepare staff to get the best results 

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