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#stayinformed: Evolio's collection of interesting event marketing news plus some other stuff

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Returning to normal may look and feel really different when we get back to it. #stayinformed is critical when we #stayhome. Here are some interesting articles that I've come across that I think are helpful, inspiring and otherwise unique related to the event marketing industry, as well as some other topics.

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Will Event Marketers Be Prepared for the World That Awaits Them Post-Pandemic?

by Ian Zelaya at Adweek

Experiential marketing pros are hopeful that physical events will bounce back in a post-COVID- 19 world, and many anticipate Q3 and Q4 of 2020 will be the moment for a resurgence. The world's most awesome events like Coachella and Cannes Lions share this mindset and postponed their events rather than canceling them.

However, experiential brands and agencies may face a permanently changed, shaky landscape when creating physical experiences for the public and conference attendees.  Sign up for free on Adweek to read the full article.


Digital is a necessity right now but it can't replace the F2F experience!

by Nancy Drapeau, VP of Research, CEIR

CEIR shares encouragement and optimism for event industry professionals. Why? Because people need people and when the dust settles, a celebration of life, of humanity, a thankfulness of having made it through will ensue. How can your event and exhibits do this for the communities you serve?

Read the full blog on the CIER website


SISO holds a Virtual Town Hall to Talk to Trade Show Leaders

This town hall includes insights and opinions from some of the trade show and event industry's gurus regarding best practices during the COVID-19 crisis. Get the overview and watch the town hall on TSNN.  Check it out.


Other news: 

Will we still use Zoom once this is all over?

by Simon Pitt, Head of Corporate Digital, BBC

Why do we use Zoom? Because everyone else does? It's so easy to set-up and get started? Does it matter how secure it is? Zoom has added more customers in the last month than it did in the previous year. That's a lot of new users. But, will they stay? This interesting blog, by media techie, developer, product manager, and web-stuff doer explains. Read on...

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